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The type of carding machine

Posted byQingdao Reiter  Time2011/11/29 8:59:31
   China's old carding machine has its own manufacturing flexible wire A181 model, the yield is 4-6 kg / Taiwan, and later developed a yield of 15 kg / Taiwan time and 9 kg / table and the A181E and A181F metal needle type carding cloth 1965 design and manufacture of A18S type carding machine, the output increased to 15-20 kg / Taiwan time.
   Currently able to supply domestic and international markets and mass production of new high-yielding carding machine has two kinds of A186C and A189. The former production of 12-25 kg / Taiwan, thorn-dimensional cylinder and doffer surface condensation to form a thin fiber layer. Most of the surface of the fibers left in the cylinder, with the movement of the cylinder, the bottom 19 with a large drain on the reel stripping thorns from the fibers together, to re-enter the cylinder cover the work area, to be mixed with each other and accept the re-carding . concentrated on the surface of the fiber layer Astoria, stripped by the stripping cotton roller 21, a small amount of surface residue in Astoria staple fiber and impurities, by the nozzle 20 from outside, stripping cotton fiber layer on the roller by the transfer roller 22, are the upper and lower rollers 23 take off a cotton net. The bell of cotton net roller 24 and 25 merge into large sliver. The sliver coiler 26 laps on a regular tampon 27 in Jane.
   Carding combing parts of the process is very thin fibrous layer, in order to carefully carding fiber, fully exclude impurities and smooth transfer of small fibers, the need to improve the extent and tide j reel carding cylinder and cover carding the extent customary in the title, cotton process to take "strong and tight gauge carding" process measures. Appropriate and proper gauge, is to improve the quality of the necessary conditions for cotton net.
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