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Carding equipment maintenance

Posted byQingdao Reiter  Time2011/11/29 8:58:14
   Device status has significant impact on product quality. Ensure good device status, which will help to ensure that the product yield and quality, which will help reduce the variety of consumption, helping to ensure safety in production, to prevent mechanical and personal accident, extended equipment life.
   To do maintenance work, must implement the "prevention", "preservation and maintenance both" principle, and to be "professional maintenance, proper use and care combined with the employees," people who use the equipment properly, to know and care facilities the importance of improving awareness and care of equipment.
   The device, often in good condition, must take a comprehensive Quality Management Act, establish a sound system of equipment maintenance work, to establish a scientific management approach, the various factors affecting the quality control of equipment together. Problems on the device should be PD-CA (ie planning, implementation, inspection, processing) method to solve the loop, to keep working, "standardized", clarify the responsibility and all kinds of repairs, maintenance system, and serious in work to implement.
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